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CombatDoctor Weavil
Image of Doctor Weavil
Gender Male
Race Gnome (Humanoid)
Level 63 Elite
Health 713,000
Mana 492,480
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Alcaz Island, Dustwallow Marsh

Doctor Weavil is a level 63 elite gnome located on Alcaz Island in Dustwallow Marsh. He was previously a part of the The Scepter of the Shifting Sands quest chain.

He has several Minions of Weavil scattered around his compound, all of which apparently are being mind-controlled by him. He is located at the top of the largest house in the compound. At level 60, he required 10 people or less to defeat. At level 70, he could be defeated with only a Hunter/Warlock and a Healer. Pet tanks Weavil at a corner, allowing the Healer to stand outside LoS and heal the pet. Hunter/Warlock stands in LoS and DPS. He was soloable by some classes (if not all) at level 80, and is likely soloable by all at level 85. In patch 5.0.4 his health was increased from 326k to 713k.

Doctor Weavil will return for Return to Alcaz Isle, a world event.


Weavil is an old acquaintance of Narain Soothfancy, both of them formerly being students at the "Gnomeregan Institute of Tinkering". Apparently, Narain caused Weavil to fail out of school by destroying the curves on Weavil's exams. For this, Weavil has a grudge against him.

During the opening of Ahn'Qiraj, the player is asked to recover the  [Blue Scepter Shard] in order to reforge the scepter which grants access to Ahn'Qiraj. He/she is sent by Anachronos to Azuregos in Azshara who is supposed to hold the shard. Azuregos has however hidden the shard away on a "very special minnow", but explains that the player has to make an  [Arcanite Buoy] in order to catch it. He supplies the player with his  [Magical Ledger] which describes how to make the buoy, and sends the player to Narain (an old acquaintance of him as well) to "make sense of it all". Unfortunately, the book is written in draconic.

In order to read it, Narain requires his own book  [Draconic For Dummies: Volume II] which is hidden away on Land's End Beach where Narain crashed his gyrocopter. Weavil somehow discovered and stole the book, demanding a sum of money as ransom. Unknowing that Weavil is the thief, Narain sends the player to Winterspring (where the money is to be handed over) to trick and defeat the "booknappers". When Weavil shows up, he goes in a rage after discovering the setup and orders Combat Number Two to kill the player before Weavil makes his escape in his flying machine. Tearing the book apart, he drops its pages all over Azeroth. He eventually returns to Alcaz Island, which Narain uses his soothsaying abilities to discover. The player engages Weavil there, killing him, and loots one of the pages along with Weavil's diary which conveniently lists the location of the other pages.


  • Mind Control - Non-dispellable mind control on the first person on the Doctor's aggro list. The mind controlled player will have greatly enhanced attack power and spell damage. Only one person will be mind controlled at a time.
  • Mind Shatter - 963-1237 Shadow damage AoE to everyone in line of sight. 30 yd range. Also stuns for 2 seconds.


Dr.Weavil Positioning.

The line of sight aspect of this fight is similar to Chromaggus or Instructor Razuvious.

  • Tank him at the corner of a house so that your healers are out of the Doctor's sight but the tanks can be healed.
  • Sheep the mind-controlled person immediately. He will cast first MC after 15sec and second after 2 mins.
  • If a damage dealer loses too much health go to a safe spot and bandage.

At level 80, this fight is easy. He can be killed by two DPS in heroic level gear, one of which is a paladin. The paladin pulls and the second damage dealer attacks to get on the Doctors aggro list. Once the paladin is mind controlled, he bubbles out of it and then you have either 1 minute and 45 seconds or 2 minutes (depending on if the second mind control occurs 2 minutes after the pull or two minutes after the first mind control) to dps him down before the second mind control occurs. The second damage dealer can be a shaman for [Heroism]. It is estimated that roughly 2k dps is needed by each in order to avoid the second mind control. When in doubt, bring a second paladin to taunt at the marker for the second mind control and bubble out of it as well.

Note that he cannot be soloed by any class without a combat pet, and the only classes able to get away from an endless loop of mind control are: Hunter, Warlock, Paladin, and Mage, as Weavil will reset and return to full health when all opponents are dead or mind controlled. (See Tips for methods to escape).

An exception to this is for the Paladin to attack him, then bubble when he casts mind control, and dps him down before the next mind control. He has been successfully soloed in this way by a well-geared Paladin.

Warlocks and Hunters can solo, using judicial use of threat management and pet tanking.

His respawn timer is relatively short, so if someone loots your quest item, just hang around a few minutes and kill him again.


  • There are several ways to make the mind control a non-factor in your fight. Hunter and warlock pets cannot be mind controlled at all, so they can tank the entire fight or tank at the time marker for the mind control.
  • To escape chain Mind Control, players have the following options:
  • Paladins can use bubble and hearth to escape a chain Mind Control.
  • Mages can [Ice Block] and [Polymorph], then hearth out of it or use [Invisibility] to break combat.
  • Warlocks can use [Demonic Circle] as soon as the charm wears off to prevent entering combat with Weavil again.
  • Hunters can Freezing Trap and/or Feign Death out of it.
If you fail to hearth away within 15 seconds, you will be Mind Controlled again.



Doctor Weavil loot
Inv misc book 10.png [Diary of Weavil] Inv misc stonetablet 03.png [Draconic for Dummies]




This is a reference to Dr. Evil, Austin Powers' Arch Nemesis in the Austin Powers Movies. [1]

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