Draenor Blacksmithing (item)

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  • Draenor Blacksmithing
  • Binds when picked up
  • Unique
  • Use: Teaches you Draenor Master Blacksmithing and a number of recipes.
  • Requires Level 90
  • Requires Blacksmithing (1)
  • "An introduction to the secrets of blacksmithing in Draenor."

Draenor Blacksmithing is an item that increases a character's blacksmithing maximum level to 700 upon use and teaches several recipes.


Draenor Blacksmithing can be purchased from a vendor or obtained as a quest reward.


Draenor Blacksmithing can be obtained as a quest reward from A [93] Father and Son which begins with Haephest in Embaari Village in Shadowmoon Valley or from H [90] Mending A Broken Heart which begins with Waruk the Frostforger in Stonefang Outpost in Frostfire Ridge.


Draenor Blacksmithing can be purchased from Royce Bigbeard in Stormshield in Draenor for 100g.


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