Dragon's Eye cuts

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Dragon's Eye cuts are specific to Wrath of the Lich King. This article is a listing of all Dragon's Eye Northrend gems except for the prismatic [Nightmare Tear], which is listed under Northrend prismatic gems.

With the exception of the Nightmare Tear, all other Dragon's Eye cuts are Jeweler Gems and are usable only by a Jewelcrafter.

"Jewelers Gem. Maxiumum of 3 Jeweler's Gems socketed in your equipment"

(updated for 4.0.1)

Red, matches UI-EmptySocket-Red.png red socket.
Gem Effects Source
[Delicate Dragon's Eye] +34 Agility C
[Precise Dragon's Eye] +34 Expertise Rating C
[Brilliant Dragon's Eye] +34 Intellect C
[Flashing Dragon's Eye] +34 Parry Rating C
[Bold Dragon's Eye] +34 Strength C
Yellow, matches UI-EmptySocket-Yellow.png yellow socket.
Gem Effects Source
[Smooth Dragon's Eye] +34 Critical Strike Rating C
[Subtle Dragon's Eye] +34 Dodge Rating C
[Quick Dragon's Eye] +34 Haste Rating C
[Mystic Dragon's Eye] +34 Resilience Rating C
Blue, matches UI-EmptySocket-Blue.png blue socket.
Gem Effects Source
[Rigid Dragon's Eye] +34 Hit Rating C
[Stormy Dragon's Eye] +43 Spell Penetration C
[Sparkling Dragon's Eye] +34 Spirit C
[Solid Dragon's Eye] +51 Stamina C