Dragonbreath Chili

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  • Dragonbreath Chili
  • Use: Occasionally belch flame at enemies struck in melee for the next 10 min.
  • Requires Level 35
  • Sell Price: 3s
While this chili is unlikely to make you breathe flames, it lives up to its name in all other ways. Think and flavorful, with just enough of a bite to satisfy, it's a hearty dish popular with melee types, who credit it with giving them a fighting edge before important battles. The original recipe comes from the swampland of Dustwallow Marsh in Kalimdor, but this version is a little different: No dragons were harmed in making it.[1]

Dragonbreath Chili is a delicacy especially handy for melee fighters. When eaten, it provides a ten minute buff which grants the user a potential fiery breath attack when struck in combat. Dramatic and highly visible, this fiery breath is an AoE and will hit multiple targets as long as they're in front. The fire breath attack has the potential to critically hit, though the player has no control over when or how often it will happen. Because a character's spellpower bonuses increase the damage the fiery breath does, the chili is best eaten by classes that do melee and magical attacks, such as paladins and shaman.

Dragonbreath Chili used to stack with other food bonuses, so long as it is eaten last. However, this has been changed so that the chili effect counts as a "Well Fed" buff, and will replace any one you have on (or vice versa).


This item is crafted with Cooking (200); taught by  [Recipe: Dragonbreath Chili].

Materials required:
Inv misc food 67.png 1x [Mystery Meat] Inv misc organ 06.png 1x [Small Flame Sac]


Patch changes

  • WoW Icon update.png Patch 1.5.0 (2005-06-07):
    • Dragonbreath Chili's effect visual fixed.
    • Dragonbreath Chili proc rate has been reduced.


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