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Dragonmaw Enforcer

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Not to be confused with Dragonmaw Enforcer (Shadowmoon Valley).
HordeDragonmaw Enforcer
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Gender Male
Race Orc (Humanoid)
Level 84
Class Warrior
Health 8,250
Reaction Horde (initially)
Affiliation(s) Dragonmaw Clan
Location Dragonmaw Port, Twilight Highlands
Status Killable / Alive

Dragonmaw Enforcers are orcs located in Dragonmaw Port in Twilight Highlands. When first encountered, they are hostile. Upon Mor'ghor's death, they are friendly.


  • Blood Fury
  • Sunder Armor

Objective of


<The enforcer's eyes flash red.>

I hope your pathetic Horde tries to attack us. I am itching to shed some blood, <class>!

Gossip Fine, I'm not talking to you.

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