Dragonmaw Pass

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The Dragonmaw Pass.

Dragonmaw Pass connects the Twilight Highlands to the Wetlands via the Dragonmaw Gates and goes from [24, 37] to [28, 39] where it meets Wyrms' Bend. Both the Horde and Alliance are fighting against the Twilight's Hammer here, led by Patch (Horde) and Master Mathias Shaw (Alliance).


  • The area is phased; it will only become a battlezone between the Twilight's Hammer and the Horde / Alliance if the player has completed H [85] Patchwork Command or A [85] Mathias' Command. As it is phased, this also means that opposing players are invisible to each other.
  • Due to the rapid respawing of the Twilight's Hammer mobs, their high droprate of  [Embersilk Cloth], and the area being phased (which, as mentioned, makes both you - and the NPCs you can see - invisible to other player), this is an excellent area for farming Embersilk Cloth.