Dragons of Blackrock Spire (WC2 Orc)

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Dragons of Blackrock Spire
Location Blackrock Mountain, Burning Steppes

Horde of Draenor victory


Horde of Draenor


Alliance of Lordaeron

Commanders and leaders

Horde of Draenor


Alliance of Lordaeron

  • Unknown Alliance commander
Casualties and losses

Horde of Draenor

  • Moderate

Alliance of Lordaeron

  • Moderate
Previous Horde The Rift Awakened
Next Horde New Stormwind
Alternate level Alliance Upon the Shadowed Seas
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness, Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal, the manuals, and/or official bonus maps.

Dragons of Blackrock Spire is the fifth mission of the Horde campaign in Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal.

Mission briefing

When the Horde was driven back into the Black Morass, we were able to only take a small portion of our forces through the Dark Portal before it was destroyed. With the Dragon Queen Alexstrasza rescued and the Dragonmaw clan captured by the Alliance, we were no longer able to command these great winged beasts.

While securing the rift and beginning construction of a new portal, your encampment is approached by a haggard Grunt. His uniform marks him as a warrior of the Bleeding Hollow. He tells how those of his clan who did not return through the Portal have eluded capture and imprisonment by the Alliance armies. You also learn that many of the Dragons that were once enslaved have continued to feed upon Humans and are now roosting at Blackrock Spire. If you can break through the Human defenses and gain the trust of these creatures, perhaps you can bring Ner'zhul powerful allies.


  • Capture as many dragons as possible
  • Capture the dragon roost nestled high in the mountains


Horde of Draenor
Alliance of Lordaeron


Mission playthrough