Drakuru's Elixir

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  • Drakuru's Elixir
  • Binds when picked up
  • Unique
  • Use: Summons Drakuru's spirit to one of Drakuru's Braziers in Grizzly Hills.
  • "Summons the image of Drakuru for a short time."

This item is provided for the quest

Along with various varieties of mojo, it is needed to summon the Image of Drakuru (quest giving NPC) to various braziers during the later quests in that chain.

Quest chain

  1. H [74] Good Troll Hunting or A [73] Troll Season! (both optional)
  2. N [74] Filling the Cages
  3. N [73] Truce?
  4. N [74] Vial of Visions
  5. N [74] Subject to Interpretation
  6. N [74] Sacrifices Must be Made
  7. N [74] Heart of the Ancients
  8. N [74] My Heart is in Your Hands
  9. N [74] Voices From the Dust
  10. N [75D] Cleansing Drak'Tharon (classified as Drak'Tharon Keep)

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