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For the NPC, see Dread Crew (NPC). For similarly named pirate group, see Dread Fleet.
NeutralDread Crew
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Dread Captain DeMeza
Main leader
Secondary leaders
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The subject of this article or section is part of Pirates' Day, a seasonal event that lasts one day. Once the event has run its course, this will no longer be available until next year.

The Dread Crew[1] is a pirate crew led by Dread Captain DeMeza. Although the crew normally raids throughout the South Seas, once a year, on Pirates' Day, they arrive and run riot in Booty Bay before leaving the town in peace and returning out to plunder the South Seas again.[2]

Adventurers can become honorary members of the crew for up to 12 hours by talking to DeMeza in Booty Bay or a commoner in any capital city during Pirates' Day.



Name Status Occupation
IconSmall Unknown.gif Generous Dan Deceased Leader; Captain
IconSmall Human Female.gif Dread Captain DeMeza Alive Leader; Captain
IconSmall Tauren Male.gif First Mate Hapana Alive First mate
IconSmall Human Male.gif Cap'n Slappy Alive Captain
IconSmall Human Male.gif Ol' Chumbucket Alive Member