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Dreadflame Magus

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MobDreadflame Magus
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Gender Female
Race Man'ari eredar (Demon)
Level 100 - 110
Class Mage
Health 874,117
Mana 533,107
Wealth 31c
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Ruined Sanctum, Azsuna
Status Killable

Dreadflame Magi are eredar located in the Ruined Sanctum of Azsuna during Legion Assaults.


  • Fel Fireball - Inflicts Fire damage to an enemy and burns them for additional Fire damage for 6 sec.
  • Withering Felfire - Targets in a cone in front of the caster take Fire damage and are Disoriented for 3 sec.


Objective of


  • Here's a small taste of my fel magic.
  • I am of Argus, the mightiest world in all of the Great Dark.
  • In Sargeras's name.
  • The Legion's will be done.
  • Wither before my might!
  • You dare?!
  • Your death will be swift and unmerciful.
  • Your world will be purged!

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