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Image of Dreadling
Race Sha (Elemental)
Level 89
Health 326,000
Location Niuzao Catacombs, Townlong Steppes
Status Killable



  • Fear of Heights 20 yd range — Raises target up in the air. 2 sec cast. Acts as a snare. Triggers bossemote:
    • Your feet have left the ground!
    • Don't fall!
  • Fear of Abandonment 20 yd range — Makes everybody go away. 2 sec cast. Drops players out of phase for ~10 seconds. Triggers bossemote:
    • You are not loved.
    • Everyone has left you.
    • Everybody left. Nobody likes you.
  • Fear of Death 40 yd range — Instantly kill your target. 2 sec cast. Puts a debuff on players that makes it appear that they have one health. Triggers bossemote:
    • You are nearly dead!
    • Don't die!
    • You're almost dead!
    • You are near death!
    • Heal yourself quickly!

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