Dreadlord Defender

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MobDreadlord Defender
Image of Dreadlord Defender
Gender Male
Race Nathrezim (Demon)
Level 85 / 112 Elite
Health 219,643 / 12,234,343
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Burning Legion
Location Courtyard of Lights, Well of Eternity
Status Killable

Dreadlord Defenders are Nathrezim that guard the portal energy focuses in Well of Eternity.

They also appear during The Deaths of Chromie.


  • Spell shadow carrionswarm.png  Carrion Swarm — A cresting wave of chaotic magic splashes over enemies in front of the caster, dealing 42750 to 52250 Shadow damage.
  • Spell warlock demonsoul.png  Demonic Warding — Shields nearby Corrupted Arcanist with fel energy, absorbing 50000 damage for 5 sec.

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