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An item collection. This is not a true set. There are no bonuses if you wear more than one or all of this set. This collection is for casters who want to increase both healing efficiency and spell damage.


Made by
Character requirements
  • Character level 45 (to wear Dreamweave Circlet)
  • Tailoring skill level 250 (to make Dreamweave Circlet)
Materials Required
Dreamweave Cloth Items (the +Spell signifies the increase in healing and magical spell damage)
Item Armor Rating Intellect Spirit +Spell From
 [Dreamweave Gloves] 41 4 7 18 Tailors
 [Dreamweave Vest] 65 9 14 18 Tailors
 [Dreamweave Circlet] 58 10 12 21 Tailors
Totals 164 23 33 57