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"The Dreamweavers" redirects here. For The emissary quest, see N [110] The Dreamweavers.
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The Dreamweavers (or the Druids of Val'sharah)[1][2] are one of the factions that heroes can acquire reputation with for toys and gear in Legion.

Powerful druids in Val'sharah grew under Cenarius's tutelage after the Great Sundering. Their knowledge of druidism is ancient and unparalleled.[3]

During the Legion Assaults, they lend their hippogryphs to assist the adventurers.

Faction description

The druids and their allies in Val'sharah have guarded the Emerald Dream since time immemorial.


Sylvia Hartshorn
<Dreamweaver Emissary>
Rep Item Cost Type Other
Friendly  [Path of Elothir] 100g Toy
Honored  [Treasure Map: Val'sharah] 20g Treasure Map
 [Tear of the Green Aspect] 200g Toy
 [Boon of the Harvester] 25s Shoulder Enchant
Revered  [Ash'ana] 500g Companion Pet
 [Moonfeather Statue] 500g Toy
 [Pendant of the Moon Temple] 1,000g Necklace
Exalted  [Pauldrons of Entwined Roots] 205g 40s 91c Leather shoulders
 [Dreamweaver Initiate's Tabard] 300g Tabard
 [Tabard of the Dreamweavers] 600g Tabard
Recipe: Warhide Jerkin 1,500g Leatherworking Rank 3
Formula: Enchant Ring - Word of Versatility 550g Enchanting Rank 3
Recipe: Dreadleather Pants 1,500g Leatherworking Rank 3
Recipe: Dreadleather Mask 1,500g Leatherworking Rank 3
Recipe: Dreadleather Footpads 1,500g Leatherworking Rank 3
Formula: Enchant Ring - Binding of Haste 1,500g Enchanting Rank 3
Formula: Enchant Neck - Mark of the Claw 1,500g Enchanting Rank 2
Formula: Enchant Cloak - Binding of Agility 1,500g Enchanting Rank 3
Paragon  [Wild Dreamrunner] Special Mount




  • As the members of the druidic order of the Dreamgrove remember the creation of the World Tree Shaladrassil,[4] they precede the creation of the Cenarion Circle.
  • In early Legion alpha, this faction had the placeholder name Druids of Val'sharah with the following flavor text: "The druids of Val'sharah like plants, particularly green ones." This name is still used during N [110] The Dreamweavers and N Druid [98 - 110] To The Dreamgrove, so it isn't exclusive to the alpha.


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

They could be a sub-organization of the Cenarion Circle as the Dreamgrove is both the Cenarion Circle class order hall and the Dreamweavers residence.[2][5] But as the Cenarion Circle moved the bulk of its forces to the Dreamgrove only during the third invasion of the Burning Legion this may not be the case.

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