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Dredger gameinformer.jpg

Dredgers are humanoid beings native to Revendreth in the Shadowlands.

They are made from mud, being born from underground pits. They keep attempting to rebuild Revendreth's dilapidated infrastructures and constructions, but it is a losing battle considering the anima drought.[1]

They can be reshaped into bigguns that are created from multiple dredgers using a  [Gem of Binding].[2][3]

All dredgers are made from muck pools using filth and fiber, which are found in the Dredgewood[4] and Muck Pool: Banewood. It seems the Blistering Bog was once a muck pool.[5] When muck pools go untreated due to lack of filthy rubble, they begin to generate elementals.[4]

The adventurer of the Venthyr Covenant can customize their dredger butler.[6]


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