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Main leader

 Jarl Velbrand (leader)
 Irglov the Merciless (former thane)
 Oktel Dragonblood (ancient thane)

Character classes
Base of operations
Theater of operations


The Drekirjar (or the Dragon-Riders)[1] are a group of dragon-taming vrykul[2] that share the city of Hrydshal with the Tideskorn.[3]



The Drekirjar Galeborn were formed by Hakkap One-leg when he learned to tame the Thorignir. They took part in a battle in the sky of Stormheim during a thunderstorm which cost the life of Hakkap. His body was buried in the Tomb of the Old Kings.[4] The Drekirjar use Storm Drake Scales to fashion their armor.[5] They are no stranger to the mountain paths and have some specialized equipment.[6]


Legion This section concerns content exclusive to Legion.

The Drekirjar have upset the ancient pact.[7] They assaulted Thorim's Peak with their demonic masters[8] and attempted to enslave the Thorignir and corrupt their young for the Burning Legion.[9] They have been pushed out from the summit and killed in their own village.[10]


Name Role Status Location
 Thane Irglov the Merciless Former leader Killable Hrydshal
 Jarl Velbrand Leader Alive Hrydshal
 Oktel Dragonblood Thane of the Drekirjar Undead Stormheim
 Hakkap One-leg (presumed) Leader of Galeborn Deceased Tomb of the Old Kings
 Gunnlaug Scaleheart Champion Killable Hrydshal



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