Dress to Impress

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AllianceDress to Impress

110 - 120 (Requires 110)




19g 40s




A [110 - 120] Papers, Please and A [110 - 120] The Irontide Crew


A [110 - 120] Rodrigo's Roost and A [110 - 120] Raise a Glass!


Put on the  [Irontide Hat] and enter Freehold with Flynn.


Freehold used to be open to anyone, but now it seems the Irontide Raiders have declared themselves the owners. They're locking the place down and turning away anyone who isn't part of the crew.

Fortunately, they're also hiring.

Put this on. Don't think about where it came from.

We'll pose as new recruits, get in, gather some information, and be back in Boralus in time for supper! Cyrus may be salty, but he's a decent cook.


You will receive:

  • 19g 40s
  • 16,450 XP


Don't worry, Venrik's a good man. I trust him with my life.


On accept:

Flynn Fairwind says: Put the hat on. You can't be a scurvy sea dog without a hat!

After putting on the hat:

Flynn Fairwind says: Looking good. Let's tell the recruiter we've come to volunteer.

In the area, Roko offers A [110 - 120] Aged to Perfection and there's a rare parrot, Squacks just on the next rise. Squacks is friendly to players wearing the hat, so make sure to take it off to fight it.

To continue, speak with the Irontide Recruiter:

Aye? What you want?

Gossip We want to join the Irontide Raiders. We brought our own hats.

Irontide Recruiter says: Hmm... Well, ye DID bring yer own hats...
Irontide Recruiter says: All right, get in there and report for... "orientation." Heh.
Flynn Fairwind says: Hazing. He means hazing.
Flynn Fairwind says: Don't worry, we're skipping that part. I know a place we can hide out while we gather information.

Take the bridge past the Irontide Bouncers to reach Freehold proper. A cutthroat notices:

Irontide Cutthroat says: Heh. Fresh meat.

Find the Dead Man's Tale, the inn of Freehold, and Flynn will complete the quest.

Approach Venrik
Flynn Fairwind says: Ahem... AVAST ye bloated barnacle! We've come for yer booty!
Venrik says: I told you Irontide punks to--wait a minute... Flynn?!
Venrik says: I thought you were dead! Oh, don't tell me you're actually workin' for those bootlickers!
Flynn Fairwind says: It's... kind of a long story. How about a drink?


  1. A [110 - 120] Freehold
  2. A [110 - 120] Papers, Please & A [110 - 120] The Irontide Crew
  3. A [110 - 120] Dress to Impress
  4. A [110 - 120] Rodrigo's Roost & A [110 - 120] Raise a Glass!
  5. A [110 - 120] The Big Job
  6. A [110 - 120] Fairwind's "Friends"

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