Dressed for Battle

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HordeDressed for Battle
Start Nisha
End Nisha
Level 110 - 120 (Requires 110)
Category Vol'dun
Experience 16,450 (at level 110)
Reputation +75 Voldunai
Rewards  [Lastwind Bands]
or  [Exiled Veteran's Armguards]
or  [Resilient Outcast's Vambraces]
or  [Scorching Sands Wristwraps]
or  [Resilient Outcast's Gauntlets]
or  [Lastwind Handwraps]
or  [Exiled Veteran's Crushers]
or  [Scorching Sands Handwraps]
19g 40s (at level 110)
Previous H [110 - 120] Armed and Ready
Next H [110 - 120] Plans for Attack


Help Nisha find a war banner, a helmet, and explosives.

  • Banner found
  • Helmet found
  • Explosives found


Kiro's the leader of my caravan. He's always been far too passive.

I warned him we needed to make a preemptive strike against the sethrak, but he insisted that we keep our heads down and continue to quietly do business.

Look where that got us.

Our caravan was completely unprepared for their attack.

Now I'm ready to fight for what's ours, but I'm not exactly dressed for battle.

Help me scavenge some suitable equipment among our enemies. We will use their own tools against them.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv bracer cloth zandalarquest b 01.png [Lastwind Bands] Inv bracer plate zandalarquest b 01.png [Exiled Veteran's Armguards]
Inv bracer mail zandalarquest b 01.png [Resilient Outcast's Vambraces] Inv bracer leather zandalarquest b 01.png [Scorching Sands Wristwraps]
Inv glove mail zandalarquest b 01.png [Resilient Outcast's Gauntlets] Inv glove cloth zandalarquest b 01.png [Lastwind Handwraps]
Inv glove plate zandalarquest b 01.png [Exiled Veteran's Crushers] Inv glove leather zandalarquest b 01.png [Scorching Sands Handwraps]

You will also receive:


Killing an enemy with their own sword is an even bigger insult, no?


Now we are ready for a real challenge!


Pick up H [110 - 120] Answering Their Attacks before heading out.

Upon exiting the Shrouded Hollow into the Abandoned Burrows:

Nisha says: Look what the sethrak have done to our home...

Find the Stolen Vulpera Banner at a crashed wagon just north of the Shrouded Hollow:

Nisha says: Now the sethrak will know to fear the vulpera!

Head further north and interact with the Sethrak Skull:

Nisha says: The vulpera are anything but weak. They will fear us!

Finally, head southwest to find the Explosives lying in a crate:

Nisha says: These sethrak will pay for what they've done to our home.


  1. H [110 - 120] Vol'dun
  2. H [110 - 120] Discreet Discussions
  3. H [110 - 120] Rumors of Exile
  4. H [110 - 120] Into the Dunes
  5. H [110 - 120] Armed and Ready
  6. H [110 - 120] Answering Their Attacks & H [110 - 120] Dressed for Battle
  7. H [110 - 120] Plans for Attack
  8. H [110 - 120] An Explosive Exit

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