Drive-By Piracy

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NeutralDrive-By Piracy

34 (Requires 31)





Speak with the Bloodsail Oarsman outside the Crimson Veil, then use the cannon to kill 75 Venture Co. Oil Workers.


Now that you know how to handle our cannons, it's time to hit some real targets!

The Venture Company has found gold to the north of here... a rare type they call "Black Gold". More like a Black Spot if you ask me.

We're going to take that gold, but first, we need to get rid of those Venture Company goons. I've got an oarsman who will take you out there. Head off the ship down the gangplank and speak with him on the islet's northern shore.


Ahahaha! Blasted 'em clear off their rigging! I'll drink to that!

You've got a bright future, kid.


You will receive: 70s

You will also receive one of these items:
Inv shield 02.png [Black Gold Buckler] Inv wand 11.png [Venture Blaster]
Inv gauntlets 116.png [Slippery Glovelettes] Inv shoulder 147v1.png [Ironpatch Shoulderguards]



  1. N [32] The Bloodsail Buccaneers
  2. N [32] Bloodsail Treachery
  3. N [32] The Baron Must Be Told
  4. N [33] Details of the Attack
  5. N [33] Getting In With the Bloodsail
  6. N [33] Seeing Where Your Loyalties Lie
  7. N [33] Your First Day as a Pirate
  8. N [33] Swabbing Duty & N [33] Cannonball Swim & N [33] The Bane of Many A Pirate
  9. N [34] Attracting Attention
  10. N [34] Ol' Blasty
  11. N [34] Drive-By Piracy
  12. N [35] The Damsel's Luck
  13. N [35] Making Mutiny & N [35] Sinking From Within & N [35] The Brashtide Crew
  14. N [35] Call of Booty
  15. N [35] Doublerum
  16. N [35] Return to Revilgaz
  17. Complete all of:
    • Revilgaz's quest chain
    1. N [35] Prepare for Takeoff
    2. N [35] The Final Voyage of the Brashtide
    • Seahorn's quest chain
    1. N [35] Seeking Seahorn
    2. N [35] Turning the Brashtide & N [35] The Damsel's (Bad) Luck
  18. N [35] Bloodsail's End

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