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Dropping In

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AllianceDropping In

94 (Requires 94)




1g 30s



Help Magister Serena destroy 3 Gordunni Boulderthrowers.


Witch Lord Morkurk, the leader of the fortress, has catapults set up along the road into their compound.

That won't be a problem for us.

Take out the ogres around the catapults and mark them for me. This vortex spell I have prepared will handle the rest.

We'll meet at the gate to the fortress once the catapults are gone.


You will receive: 1g 30s


We have the scroll of mass teleportation ready, but we can't use it just yet. We must take proper precautions to ensure our success.


  • 1400 XP


Clear out Gordunni Bashers or Gordunni Cleavers guarding the catapults, then interact with them to mark the catapult for destruction.

After the third catapult has been cleared, keep moving east up the hill and aggro a Gordunni Cleaver:

Gordunni Cleaver 1 yells: Intruders approach the keep! To arms!
Two more run in.
Gordunni Cleaver 2 yells: For Morkuk! For the empire!

At the top of the hill, Serena will port in as the path is blocked:

Magister Serena says: How quaint. A wall! The Gordunni really have been disconnected from the empire for too long.
Magister Serena says: This ought to get us over!
Serena conjures a portal.

Take it. On the other side...

Magister Serena says: Being a mage does have its perks!


  1. B [94] An Audience With The Archmage
  2. B [94] Making Acquaintances
  3. Complete all of:
  4. B [94] Next Steps
  5. B [94] The Foot of the Fortress
  6. B [94] Dropping In
  7. Complete all of:
  8. B [94] The Final Step
  9. B [94] Due Cause to Celebrate
  10. B [94] Joining the Ranks (optional)

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