Dropping Some Eaves

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  • 10 Achievement points
  • Dropping Some Eaves
  • Witness the conversation between Advisor Melandrus and Grand Magistrix Elisande in Court of Stars on Mythic difficulty.

Dropping Some Eaves is an achievement earned by witnessing a special conversation between Melandrus and Elisande in the Court of Stars on Mythic difficulty.

How to

Getting this achievement is based on pure luck, it is not factored in by how you do things within the instance. You will hear this conversation before receiving the achievement:

Elisande says: You throw a party for vapid nobles even as rebels leave corpses strewn about our streets?
Advisor Melandrus says: I assure you, Grand Magistrix, the situation is being addressed. It will be a simple matter to track down a few random dissidents and--
Elisande says: Random? Do you not find it striking that each body found is decorated with a dusk lily? The same flower adored by Thalyssra?
Advisor Melandrus says: I... I'm not sure what you're getting at, Grand Magistrix.
Elisande says: Then let me be plain. You bungled your assassination of Thalyssra. In fact, she is very much alive, and is...
Elisande says: Wait. We are not alone.
Advisor Melandrus says: Impossible! My guards would never permit such an intrusion!
Elisande says: Yet another failure, Melandrus. Consider this your chance to correct it. Dispose of these outsiders. I must return to the Nighthold.

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