Drottinn Hrothgar

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MobDrottinn Hrothgar
Image of Drottinn Hrothgar
Title <The Sea Reaver>
Gender Male
Race Kvaldir (Humanoid)
Level 79
Health 13,392
Location Hrothgar's Landing
Status Killable
Hrothgar in World of Warcraft.

Drottinn Hrothgar is a level 79 kvaldir raider who has claimed Hrothgar's Landing from the local tuskarr. Players are tasked to kill him in the <Crusader>-level daily quest N [80 Daily] Drottinn Hrothgar.

According to the quest, "Drottinn" is Hrothgar's title, not part of his name.



  • You dare to challenge Drottin Hrothgar, king of the seas?


  • Drottinn Hrothgar is most likely named after the character in Beowulf, Hrothgar, who is king of the Danes. This is further supported by the fact that the vrykul have a strong viking theme to them and Beowulf is one of the only and most popular pieces of viking literature (Old English) to have survived to the present day.
  • Dróttinn is the Old Norse word for "Lord", of which Drottinn is the modern Icelandic word.
  • In the The Grand Tournament expansion for Hearthstone, there is an epic warrior card called "Sea Reaver". The artwork for this card is labeled on the artist's DeviantArt site as "Hrothgar-The Sea Reaver",[1] but the name "Hrothgar" is never actually used in-game.

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