Drungeld Glowerglare

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MobDrungeld Glowerglare
Image of Drungeld Glowerglare
Gender Male
Race Dark Iron dwarf (Humanoid)
Level 10-30
Affiliation(s) Dark Iron clan, Twilight's Hammer
Occupation Leader of a group of Dark Iron dwarves
Location Wetlands
Status Unknown

Drungeld Glowerglare is first seen when he is ordered dead by Forba Slabchisel for raiding her camp site. After an adventurer brings his beard, it was believed that he was gone for good. After sometime, Drungeld Glowerglare returns from the dead and makes an appearance in A [25] The Battle of Thandol Span. Not wanting to be ruled under Moira, he swore loyalty to the Twilight's Hammer. After Calamoth Ashbeard is killed, Drungeld and the others turn into purple-blueish smoke. Whether it means that they could only stay alive because of Calamoth Ashbeard or they retreated remains unclear.

Objective of


Drungeld Glowerglare says: Khaz Modan will crumble! ALL WILL BE RUINED IN HIS NAME!


When he re-appears in A [25] The Battle of Thandol Span, he is still with a beard.

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