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Drust Shaman concept.jpg
Concept art of a drust shaman.
Racial leader(s)
Sources: World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth

The drust were a large, hardy race who lived in Drustvar before the coming of humans in Kul Tiras. The drust were slain by the human invaders, but did not depart Azeroth, instead remaining as spirits in the area. Over time, the drust have slowly been trying to make their way back to the mortal world.[2]

The drust made a pact with Lady Waycrest, and she accepted their aid in getting a stronger seat on Kul Tiras's council. On the drust's part, all they desired was vengeance against her people.[2]


Around 2,700 years ago, humans from Gilneas arrived on an island that they would later call Kul Tiras.[3] The drust already lived on the island when the humans arrived, and from Drustvar they enacted raids against the humans' fledgling hamlets.[4] The drust barbarians attacked the human settlers unprovoked. When the humans landed they tried peace but the drust went to war immediately, and only a few tolerated new neighbors. They glorified the slaughter, attacking unarmed civilians.[1]

The drust assaults carried on for many years, until the humans of House Waycrest decided something had to be done and began a war against the drust. But though the Waycrests were hearty folk, the drust's druidic death magic[5] was strong and the humans began to lose the war.[4] House Waycrest researched their magic and created the Order of Embers to fight them.[6] To counter the drust magic, the Order of Embers used weapons of silver.[7]

In time the drust would be forced to withdraw as they lost numbers to the human settlers. When their great leader Gorak Tul ran out of living warriors, he conducted a ritual to create stone constructs to fight for him as part of his desperation to win. Colonel Arom Waycrest (who would later become a Lord) led the humans' final assault on the drust and stabbed Gorak Tul himself. As he was stabbed Gorak Tul's power was broken and with it his connection to his stone constructs, which shattered. But though wounded and broken, Gorak Tul did not die.[1]

In modern times, the story has been warped. The modern Kul Tirans believe that the stone constructs were used for a longer period than just near the end of the war, that Arom had killed Gorak Tul, and that Gorak Tul's living army fell soon after his death instead of earlier on.[1]

The drust would live on as spirits, trying to return to the physical world.[2] In the present day, the drust spirits and Gorak Tul taught their ancient death magic to the Heartsbane Coven led by Lady Waycrest. The coven's magic awakened the remaining stone constructs.[4]

Notes & trivia

  • In the Battle for Azeroth alpha, drust are currently using a mix of human and vrykul models wearing primitive outfits.



This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.
  • Drust may have been related to vrykul. The concept art shown at BlizzCon 2017 resembles a tattooed, slouched vrykul wearing animal fur and limbs. The concept art showing Drust architecture also greatly resembles vrykul architecture from Wrath of the Lich King concept artwork. Moreover, their buildings and structures are etched with multitudes of runes resembling Stormheim's runes and patterns and have vrykul aesthetic. Their giant and revenant stone constructs are also engraved with vrykul-like runes and patterns.
  • The unique body shapes of the people of Kul Tiras may be due to cross-breeding with the Drust.
  • The Kul Tiran druidism may be inherited from the drust magic.