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Drust Do It.

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  • 10 Achievement points
  • Alliance only Drust Do It.
  • Complete the Drustvar storylines listed below.
  • Criteria:
    • The Final Effigy
    • An Airtight Alibi
    • A New Order
    • Storming the Manor
    • Fighting With Fire
    • The Burden of Proof
    • The Order of Embers
    • Break on Through
    • Clear Victory
    • Stick It To 'Em!

Drust Do It. tracks the ten major Drustvar storylines.

Although the achievement does not list it as such, completing the main storylines in Drustvar awards the player with the title "Inquisitor".

Criteria of


  • This is pun for Nike's Just Do It slogan.
  • In Russian version this achievement named Если друст оказался вдруст (Esli drust okazalsya vdrust) as pun for initial words of Vladimir Vysotsky's song "Песня о друге" (Song of a Friend) from the Soviet movie Вертикаль (Vertical, 1967).

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