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Level: 110 - 120
Battle Pet Level: 25
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Major settlements
Minor settlements

Southwestern Kul Tiras

Sources: Battle for Azeroth

Drustvar (pronounced "druhst-VAHR")[1] is the westernmost lands of Kul Tiras. It's a mountainous region providing most of the kingdom's ore and some of its toughest warriors.[2]


Drustvar is a forested, mountainous area.[3] It was once occupied by a race called the drust. When humans arrived on Kul Tiras, they slew the drust and took the area as their own.[4] The drust created stone golems in their war with the settlers. The human armies, led by House Waycrest, researched their magics and created the Order of Embers to counter it.[5]

In the present day, Drustvar is controlled by the now missing Lord and Lady of House Waycrest, who have gone suspiciously absent. In their absence, Drustvar’s contribution of arms (and sausages) has begun to dry up. The Alliance will need to work with their new allies to get to the bottom of the mystery, as well as the curse over the land.[3]

The harsh lands of Drustvar are ruled by House Waycrest, who conquered these lands after vanquishing the ancient, evil Drust. The edifices of the Drust still stand in ruin across the land, but that's not all that remains of this accursed people. Recently, their evil leader has been awakened—and if left unchecked, his dark power will spread throughout all of Kul Tiras. Upon arriving in Drustvar, you will be met with a request to visit Mayor Cyril White of Fallhaven in eastern Drustvar.[6]

Getting there




Maps and subregions

Map of Drustvar.


Instance name Level range Group size Approximate run time
Instance portal Waycrest Manor 110 - 120 5 player Unknown

Travel hubs

Alliance Flight Paths from Fallhaven
Alliance Flight Paths from Trader's Camp
Alliance Flight Paths from Hangman's Point

Adjacent regions

Zone Name Faction Level Range Direction Access
Tiragarde Sound HordeAlliance 110 - 120 North and east  ???

Notable characters

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  • Fishing
  • Herbalism
  • Skinning
  • Mining

Wild pets


Wild creatures

Notes & trivia

  • In its earliest stages of development Drustvar was planned to be a cold, frozen zone in northern Kul Tiras with the witches as only a small part of the story.[7]


Patches and hotfixes


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