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Dun Argol

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MobDun Argol
Dun Argol2.jpg
Type Town
Leader(s) Iron Thane Furyhammer
Race(s) Iron dwarf Iron dwarf
Language(s) Titan
Affiliation(s) Iron dwarf, Loken, Old Gods' forces
Location Grizzly Hills, Northrend[74.2, 54]
Status Active
the main building.

Dun Argol is a Iron dwarf base in the Grizzly Hills of Northrend, near the seemingly ruined Thor Modan. [74.2, 54] The iron dwarves here are led by Iron Thane Furyhammer. Unlike Thor Modan, Dun Argol has not been destroyed and is probably the main base for the Iron Dwarves in Grizzly Hills now that Thor Modan is destroyed.

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