Durgan Thunderbeak

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AllianceDurgan Thunderbeak
Image of Durgan Thunderbeak
Title <Gryphon Keeper>
Gender Male
Race Dwarf (Humanoid)
Level 70
Affiliation(s) Valiance Expedition
Occupation Mount vendor
Location Valiance Keep, Borean Tundra [58.8, 68.2]
Status Alive

Durgan Thunderbeak is a level 70 flying mount vendor located at Valiance Keep in the contested territory of Borean Tundra. He sells gryphons.

The normal flying mounts cost 50g, and the epic flying mounts cost 100g. Faction reputation with the Valiance Expedition offers a discount.

Vendor information

Bankergossipicon.png Item Level Price
 [Ebon Gryphon] 60 50g
 [Golden Gryphon] 60 50g
 [Snowy Gryphon] 60 50g
 [Swift Blue Gryphon] 70 100g
 [Swift Green Gryphon] 70 100g
 [Swift Purple Gryphon] 70 100g
 [Swift Red Gryphon] 70 100g

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