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Durotar storyline

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Zone map

The Durotar storyline picks up from the troll and orc starting experiences in Echo Isles and Valley of Trials, respectively. In it players travel North through Durotar, starting with Sen'jin Village in the South and ending at the Dranosh'ar Blockade leading into Orgrimmar.

Sen'jin Village

In Sen'jin Village players meet Master Gadrin who is having trouble as humans from Northwatch Hold have started landing on the coasts of Durotar. They are preparing to invade the zone, as evidenced by attack plans discovered in H [6] The War of Northwatch Aggression. Under the direction of Master Gadrin and Lar Prowltusk, players disrupt the Northwatch supply chains and destroy their plans. With the threat temporarily subdued, Master Gadrin sends players onwards to Razor Hill to ask for reinforcements. Breadcrumbs:
Orc:H [5] Report to Sen'jin Village
Troll:H [5] Sen'jin Village

Razor Hill

In Razor Hill players are introduced to Gar'Thok who immediately denies Master Gadrin's request for reinforcements, claiming that he is swamped by his own problems. To start, the Northwatch forces have holed up in Tiragarde Keep and then on top of that, the Water Elementals of the region have started acting up. While helping Gar'Thok with these problems, players encounter Gail Nozzywig, a resourceful Goblin who is seeking to turn a profit from the destruction caused by the Cataclysm.

After clearing up the problems around Razor Hill, Gail remembers that her boyfriend Thonk was looking for help some time ago and she sends players to help him. It turns out Thonk is watching over the Southfury Watershed and he needs players to rescue anyone trapped in the watershed. Players head into the Watershed in H [8] Watershed Patrol and have to rescue Raggaran, who has them kill Quilboar first, Grandmatron Tekla, who needs to be escorted out, Misha Tor'kren, who is making a necklace for her dead son, and Zen'Taji, who is trying to help the local plainstriders. After helping each of them, they will leave the Watershed and the quest can finally be completed. With all the quests in Razor taken care of, players can explore Durotar and find a few more quests around the zone. Alternatively, a breadcrumb to the Northern Barrens is available from Takrin Pathseeker.

  1. H [7] Meats to Orgrimmar (start of the flight path quest line)
    1. H [7] Ride to Orgrimmar
    2. H [7] Doras the Wind Rider Master
    3. H [7] Return to Razor Hill
  2. H [7] From Bad to Worse/H [7] Exploiting the Situation
  3. After H [7] Shipwreck Searching: H [8] Thonk
    1. H [8] Lost in the Floods
    2. H [8] Watershed Patrol

Beyond Razor Hill

Outside of Razor Hill there are a couple of miscellaneous quests that can be picked up. The major quest line starts with The Burning Blade and has players travel to the Dranosh'ar Blockade where they seek out Burning Blade cultists in the nearby Skull Rock and Southfury Watershed. While at the Blockade, players enter into a minor conflict between the two commanders Shin Stonepillar and Gor the Enforcer, eventually taking Gor's side and clearing out the nearby Elementals. Other quests available in Durotar include a small chain helping the Goblin Rezlak recover after he was attacked by Harpies and visiting Spiketooth in Deadeye Shore where he has players fight his gladiators.


Dranosh'ar Blockade

  1. H [10] The Burning Blade
  2. H [10] The Dranosh'ar Blockade
  3. H [10] Fizzled
  4. H [10] Margoz
  5. H [12] Skull Rock

Available at the same time as The Dranosh'ar Blockade:

Deadeye Shore

Optional breadcrumbs

These breadcrumbs lead players to Azshara from the Dranosh'ar Blockade or to the Northern Barrens from Razor Hill, respectively.

To Azshara

H [10] Beyond Durotar

To Northern Barrens

H [12] Conscript of the Horde

Full Quest List

Quest Name Start End XP Reputation Reward Description
H [6] Breaking the Chain Master Gadrin Master Gadrin 540 +350 Darkspear Trolls
+250 Orgrimmar
1s 25c Destroy the Northwatch supplies as they are being brought into Durotar.
H [6] The War of Northwatch Aggression Lar Prowltusk Lar Prowltusk 540 +500 Darkspear Trolls
+350 Orgrimmar
 [Thwarter's Belt] or  [Durotar Gauntlets]
2s 50c
Burn the Northwatch humans' attack plans to thwart any possible attacks by the invaders.
H [6] Purge the Valley Master Gadrin Master Gadrin 540 +350 Darkspear Trolls
+250 Orgrimmar
 [Sen'jin Staff] or  [Sen'Jin Bow]
1s 25c
Eliminate the Northwatch forces from Sen'jin Village, ending their aggression.
H [6] Cleaning Up the Coastline Bom'bay Bom'bay 405 +250 Darkspear Trolls
+250 Orgrimmar
1s 25c Find crab meat around the coastline to help Bom'bay make his jujus.
H [6] Never Trust a Big Barb and a Smile Bom'bay Bom'bay 540 +250 Darkspear Trolls
+250 Orgrimmar
1s 25c Collect scorpid venom from the coastline to help Bom'bay make his jujus.
H [6] Riding On Master Gadrin Gar'Thok 55 +150 Darkspear Trolls
+150 Orgrimmar
35c Ride a wolf to Razor Hill and ask Gar'Thok for reinforcements.
H [7] Meats to Orgrimmar Grimtak Burok 160 +25 Darkspear Trolls
+25 Orgrimmar
-- Bring a shipment of fresh meats from Grimtak to the Inn in Orgrimmar.
H [7] Ride to Orgrimmar Burok Innkeeper Gryshka 315 +75 Darkspear Trolls
+75 Orgrimmar
85c Talk to Burok to get a Wind Rider mount to fly to Orgrimmar, then find the Inn.
H [7] Doras the Wind Rider Master Innkeeper Gryshka Doras 160 +25 Darkspear Trolls
+25 Orgrimmar
-- Return to Razor Hill with a letter thanking Grimtak for the meats.
H [7] Return to Razor Hill Doras Grimtak 630 +350 Darkspear Trolls
+350 Orgrimmar
1s 75c Use Doras and his Wind Riders to fly back to Razor Hill and deliver Grimtak's letter.
H [7] From Bad to Worse Gar'Thok Gar'Thok 630 +250 Darkspear Trolls
+250 Orgrimmar
 [Razor Hill Blade] or  [Kul Tiras Leggings] or  [Tiragarde Vest]
1s 75c
Head into Tiragarde Keep and get rid of the Northwatch forces trying to take up residence there.
H [7] Storming the Beaches Gar'Thok Gar'Thok 630 +250 Darkspear Trolls
+250 Orgrimmar
3s 50c Take out the angry Water Elementals surging all along the beaches.
H [7] Loss Reduction Injured Razor Hill Grunt Gar'Thok 630 +250 Darkspear Trolls
+250 Orgrimmar
 [Razor Hill Grunt's Bracers]
1s 75c
Save the injured Razor Hill grunts all along the beach to reduce casualties.
H [7] Exploiting the Situation Gail Nozzywig Gail Nozzywig 475 +250 Orgrimmar
+250 Bilgewater Cartel
1s 75c Collect the treasure left behind by the Kul Tiras forces before the Cataclysm wiped them out for Gail Nozzywig.
H [7] Shipwreck Searching Gail Nozzywig Gail Nozzywig 475 +250 Orgrimmar
+250 Bilgewater Cartel
1s 75c Find some spare tools for Gail Nozzywig which were left behind by Gnomes.
H [8] Thonk Gail Nozzywig Thonk 70 +10 Orgrimmar
+10 Bilgewater Cartel
22c Go meet Gail's boyfriend Thonk, who needed help with something.
H [8] Lost in the Floods Thonk Thonk 530 -- 1s 75c Use Thonk's spyglass to find anyone lost in the floods.
H [8] Watershed Patrol Thonk Thonk 880 +350 Orgrimmar 4s 50c Head into the Southfury Watershed and rescue everyone trapped there.
H [8] Raggaran's Rage Raggaran Raggaran 700 +250 Orgrimmar 2s 25c Slay the Quilboar that infuriate Raggaran so he can leave the Watershed.
H [9] Raggaran's Fury Raggaran Raggaran 780 +250 Orgrimmar  [Quilboar Sticker] or  [Quilboar Hide Leggings]
Slay more Quilboar so Raggaran's rage can finally be quelled and he can leave the Watershed.
H [8] Spirits Be Praised Grandmatron Tekla Raggaran 700 +250 Orgrimmar 2s 25c Escort Grandmatron Tekla out of the Watershed.
H [8] Lost But Not Forgotten Misha Tor'kren Misha Tor'kren 700 +250 Orgrimmar  [Kron's New Hunting Bag] and  [Hand Woven Vest] or  [Lovingly Embroidered Belt] or  [Tunic of Celebration]
2s 25c
Collect crocolisk teeth from around the Watershed to allow Misha Tor'kren to finally say goodbye to her son.
H [8] Unbidden Visitors Zen'Taji Zen'Taji 350 +250 Darkspear Trolls 2s 25c Help some plainstriders that are trapped on the far side of the river by herding them across.
H [9] That's the End of That Raptor Zen'Taji Zen'Taji 980 +350 Darkspear Trolls  [Zen'Taji's Cloak]
Get rid of the raptor Screamslash, who has been terrorizing the plainstriders.
H [12] Conscript of the Horde Takrin Pathseeker Kargal Battlescar 420 +75 Darkspear Trolls
+75 Orgrimmar
-- Head to the Northern Barrens where the Horde has need of new fighters.
N [9] Securing the Lines Rezlak Rezlak 780 +250 Darkspear Trolls
+250 Orgrimmar
+250 Ratchet
 [Harpy Wing Clipper] or  [Hickory Shortbow] or  [Blemished Wooden Staff] Take out the Dustwind Harpies that have been assaulting Rezlak's caravans.
N [9] Winds in the Desert Rezlak Rezlak 780 +250 Darkspear Trolls
+250 Orgrimmar
+250 Ratchet
3s Retrieve Rezlak's stolen supplies from the Dustwind Harpies.
H [10] The Burning Blade Orgnil Soulscar Orgnil Soulscar 840 +250 Darkspear Trolls
+250 Orgrimmar
3s 50c Disrupt the teaching of the Burning Blade cultists around Razor Hill.
H [10] The Dranosh'ar Blockade Orgnil Soulscar Gor the Enforcer 210 +25 Orgrimmar 85c Travel to the Dranosh'ar Blockade and warn Gor the Enforcer about Skull Rock's Burning Blade presence.
H [10] Fizzled Gor the Enforcer Gor the Enforcer 840 +250 Orgrimmar  [Fizzle's Gloves] or  [Enforcer's Gloves]
3s 50c
Go collect a powerful orb from the corpse of the former Burning Blade leader Fizzle Darkclaw.
H [10] Thunder Down Under Gor the Enforcer Gor the Enforcer 840 +250 Orgrimmar 3s 50c Clean up Thunder Ridge by hauling off the corpses of the Thunder Lizards drowned in the Cataclysm.
H [10] Margoz Gor the Enforcer Margoz 85 +10 Darkspear Trolls
+10 Orgrimmar
-- Go find Margoz, who is investigating the Burning Blade presence in Skull Rock.
H [12] Skull Rock Margoz Margoz 910 +250 Darkspear Trolls
+250 Orgrimmar
 [Blade Cultist Slippers] or  [Searing Bracers] or  [Skull Rock Belt] Head into Skull Rock and collect the collars of the cultists within, so Margoz can discover more about the Burning Blade.
H [12] Arnak Fireblade Margoz Arnak Fireblade 90 +75 Darkspear Trolls
+75 Orgrimmar
-- Bring an example collar to Arnak Fireblade in Orgrimmar so he can continue researching their origin.
H [13] Ak'Zeloth Arnak Fireblade Ak'Zeloth 90 +75 Darkspear Trolls
+75 Orgrimmar
-- Travel to Far Watch Post in the Northern Barrens and pass on Arnak's message to Ak'Zeloth.
H [10] The Wolf and The Kodo Shin Stonepillar Shin Stonepillar 840 +250 Orgrimmar 3s 50c Listen to Shin Stonepillar's cryptic warning about greed and aggression.
H [10] Ignoring the Warnings Gor the Enforcer Gor the Enforcer 840 +350 Orgrimmar  [Feckless Armbands] or  [Heedless Treads]
3s 50c
Ignore the recommendations of Shin Stonepillar and slay all the Elementals terrorizing the countryside around Orgrimmar.
H [10] Beyond Durotar Gor the Enforcer Ag'tor Bloodfist 85 +10 Orgrimmar 35c Travel to Azshara where the Horde is fighting against the local Night Elves to set up a new city.
H [10] Sent for Help Vek'nag Spiketooth 85 +10 Orgrimmar 35c Go help Vek'nag's boss Spiketooth whose caravan has fallen apart.
H [10] Gaur Icehorn Spiketooth Spiketooth 1,050 +350 Orgrimmar 7s Battle Gaur Icehorn, Spiketooth's champion gladiator.
H [10] Ghislania Spiketooth Spiketooth 630 +150 Orgrimmar 2s 50c Battle Ghislania, a Naga mage gladiator who is down on her luck.
H [10] Griswold Hanniston Spiketooth Spiketooth 840 +250 Orgrimmar 3s 50c Battle Griswold Hanniston, a Worgen prisoner who is Spiketooth's newest gladiator.
H IconSmall Goblin Male.gifIconSmall Goblin Female.gif [10] Missing Reports Eitrigg Doras 85 +10 Orgrimmar -- Goblins only. Collect reports on Alliance activity in Razor Hill from Gar'Thok.
H IconSmall Goblin Male.gifIconSmall Goblin Female.gif [10] Flight to Razor Hill Doras Gar'Thok 85 +10 Orgrimmar -- Goblins only. Fly to Razor Hill and find Gar'Thok.
H IconSmall Goblin Male.gifIconSmall Goblin Female.gif [10] Reports to Orgrimmar Gar'Thok Burok 85 +10 Orgrimmar -- Goblins only. Fly back to Orgrimmar with Gar'Thok's report in hand.
H IconSmall Goblin Male.gifIconSmall Goblin Female.gif [10] Return to Eitrigg Burok Eitrigg 630 +150 Orgrimmar 2s 50c Goblins only. Deliver Gar'Thok's reports to Eitrigg so he can send reinforcements to Razor Hill.