Durrin's Archaeological Findings

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  • Durrin's Archaeological Findings
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This item is dropped by Durrin Direshovel in Un'Goro Crater for the quest N [55] A Tale of Two Shovels.


Emperor Thaurissan,

Below is my account of my most recent finding here in Un'Goro Crater. After the Cataclysm hit, I stopped my current project and began sweeping the Crater for new potential dig sites. Curiously, the Crater wasn't hard hit by the Cataclysm, but I did find what appeared to be a monstrous mandible peeking out of the ground in Terror Run!

It appears to be an ancestor of the dinosaurs that live here. I've spent the last several weeks digging it out, and it has been my most exciting dig yet. By my calculations, this beast must be nearly 300 feet long, from tip to tail. That's longer than some of the largest dragons, and FAR larger than any dino that currently exists here in the Crater.

The going has been slow, mainly because I've needed to cover up my work behind me. That blasted goblin, Nilminer, still has cronies digging in the area, and I mustn't risk any news of this discovery leaking before I send my final results back to Blackrock Mountain. This may be the key piece of information that tells us what the Titans were doing in Un'Goro!


Durrin Direshovel

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