Dwarven District

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The Dwarven District

The Dwarven District lies in the northern corner of Stormwind City. Here, the dwarves of Ironforge have established an enclave. The forges in the district produce a constant haze, supplemented by the constant strokes of smiths' hammers. Hunters will find a place to stay within the Hunter's Guild, located in this area. Profession trainers for mining, blacksmithing, and engineering, and corresponding forges and anvils can also be found here. The Stormwind City end of the Deeprun Tram line is accessible through a tunnel on the east side of the district.

This district is robust and heavily populated, usually with large houses heavily modified for dwarf use with additional floors and rooms dividing the original, overly large and wasteful, human designs. It is a center of commerce and industry, and the local factories work all night to supply Stormwind with all of it's goods. Almost 30,000 dwarves reside in this district,[1] more than in their capital city of Ironforge.

The changes made for Cataclysm to the district is stated to actually be new construction (like the road to the harbor), and not details that were simply not available to the player base.[2]

Getting there

To get to the Dwarven District, you can head northeast from Cathedral Square, northwest from Old Town, west from Stormwind Keep, or get off the Deeprun Tram at the Stormwind City station.

Points of interest


Excludes the above areas.

Engineering cart[63.0, 31.6]
"Hunter's Guild"[67.3, 36.9]
"Grimand's shop"[59.7, 34.1]
"Gun shop"[61.4, 35.5]
By the fountain[62.9, 33.4]
Blacksmithing area[63.6, 37.7]

Patch changes

  • Cataclysm Patch 4.0.3a (2010-11-23): District revamped; receives auction house and bank; northern wall opened


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