Earthen Ring Shaman (Silithus)

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Not to be confused with Earthen Ring Shaman or Earthen Ring Shaman (Cataclysm).
NeutralEarthen Ring Shaman
Image of Earthen Ring Shaman
Title <The Earthen Ring>
Gender Both
Race(s) Orc, Jungle troll, Pandaren, Highmountain tauren
Level 110
Class Shaman
Health 14,962
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Earthen Ring
Location Magni's Encampment, Silithus: The Wound
Status Alive

Earthen Ring Shaman are shaman located at Magni's Encampment in Silithus: The Wound. They discuss with Cenarion Circle Druids about the damage done to the planet, trying to heal the corruption of the broken land around the camp. Sometimes the corruption hits back and hurts the shaman.


  • Spell nature healingway.png  Healing Surge — A quick surge of healing energy that restores 15 of a friendly target's health.


  • Nature cries out in pain... how do we stop this madness?
  • Our powers are having no effect... how can we heal the planet?


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