Earthmender Norsala

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NeutralEarthmender Norsala
Image of Earthmender Norsala
Title <The Earthen Ring>
Gender Female
Race Jungle troll (Humanoid)
Class Shaman
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) The Earthen Ring
Location Various
Status Alive

Earthmender Norsala is a level 83 troll that is first encountered in the Valley of Strength in Orgrimmar, in the events leading up to the Cataclysm. She is a member of the Earthen Ring. She is later found in Deepholm where she enlists the aid of the player in a variety of different quests which help with the recovery of the World Pillar. After the World Pillar is recovered all shamans are told to leave, however she returns here to fight against Glop in N [83 Daily] Glop, Son of Glop.

Norsala also helps defend Sethria's Roost on Mount Hyjal against the minions of Ragnaros during the quest N [85 Daily] The Protectors of Hyjal.


Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
Elemental Unrest 83 536,810
Deepholm 83 35,480
Deepholm 83 70,960
Deepholm 83 536,810


Objective of
Cataclysm Opening event only


Core of our troubles
Earthmender Norsala says: So it is certain, den. Dese elementals were bound from dormant stone only recently.
Earthmender Norsala says: Only an elemental lord could bind so many elementals so quickly. It seems we are at war with da Stonemother herself...
Earthmender Norsala says: May da elements protect us.
  • These are grave times for Azeroth, <name>.
Wrath of the Fungalmancer
This stone trogg is behind the growth in the Crimson Expanse.
I sense a strange power in this place... be careful.

Gossip I'm ready when you are, Norsala.

Earthmender Norsala says: Let's finish with this quickly.
Norsala runs forward and to the right. Glop seems to be mining something, hitting the wall with a mace.
Earthmender Norsala yells: You've caused enough damage, Glop. The earth welcomes you no longer.
Fungalmancer Glop yells: No no no! Leave Glop alone! My mushrooms! Mine!
Glop runs off, up the ramp toward the back of the cave.
Earthmender Norsala yells: After him, quickly!
Follow the trogg, mindful of the mushrooms!
Fungalmancer Glop yells: Mushrooms grow big and strong. To big to stomp on! So strong they stomp back!
Glop starts throwing Boomshrooms, mushrooms which grow in size and explode after a few seconds, but only have a little health. Kill them before they do much damage. After knocking off a third of Glop's health... Glop runs away, this time to the edge of the platform to the southeast.
Earthmender Norsala says: Slippery little stone trogg.
Fungalmancer Glop yells: Why you must come here? My cave. My cave! Me never hurt your cave!
Another round of boomshrooms to start off the phase. Dodge and/or kill them until he stops spamming them. Knock off another third of his health and Glop walks to the left to the center of the raised area!
Earthmender Norsala says: You kidding me...
Follow Glop to corner him in the middle.
Fungalmancer Glop yells: Stay back! Back!
Fungalmancer Glop yells: Mean...rock fiends...
Earthmender Norsala says: Good riddance.
Earthmender Norsala says: Me remain to make sure the rest of their substance is destroyed.
The Binding
Earthmender Norsala yells: Da ritual is almost complete!
Earthmender Norsala says: Thank you, Stonemother. It was an honor to have...
Therazane says: You've proven true to your word, Earthmender. For that, we will spare you our wrath.
Therazane says: Once your wounded are gathered, you can thank me by leaving.


  • This NPC was "solid" and could not be walked through, while she was in Orgrimmar.
  • Norsala is voiced by Cesili Williams.[1]
  • Norsala was one of the few Earthen Ring shamans introduced during Cataclysm to not die during the Hour of Twilight.

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