Eivi Nightfeather

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AllianceEivi Nightfeather
Image of Eivi Nightfeather
Gender Female
Race Night elf (Humanoid)
Level 80 Elite
Class Druid
Resource Mana
Location Halls of Winter, Ulduar
Main article: Hodir (tactics)

Eivi Nightfeather is a night elven druid part of the Hodir encounter in Ulduar. She, along with her excavation team are trapped inside icicle blocks and must be freed if the raid wants help against Hodir. In 10man version she is replaced by Ellie Nightfeather.


  • Spell nature abolishmagic.png  Wrath — Fires a magical ball of druid magic inflicting nature damage to the enemy.
  • Spell holy elunesgrace.png  Starlight — Envelops a location in druidic starlight filling people with the power of melee and cast speed.

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