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Image of Electron
Race Golem (Mechanical)
Level ?? Boss
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Blackwing Descent
Status Killable
Main article: Omnotron Defense System

Electron is one of four bosses in the second encounter in the Blackwing Descent raid instance.


  • Spell shaman staticshock.png  Lightning Conductor — Infects an enemy for 10 sec (Heroic: 15 sec), causing it to inflict 24375 to 25625 Nature damage to its nearby allies every 2 sec. Instant cast
  • Spell lightning lightningbolt01.png  Electrical Discharge — Inflicts 29250 to 30750 (Heroic: 53625 to 56375) Nature damage to up to 3 enemies within 8 yards. Damage is increased by 20% between each jump. Instant cast
  • Spell nature lightningshield.png  Unstable Shield — Attacks against the Unstable Shield cause a Static Shock at a nearby enemy's location. Static Shock inflicts 58500 to 61500 Nature damage to enemies within 0 yards of the target. Lasts 10 seconds. 1.5 sec cast


  • Spell shadow shadowmend.png  Shadow Infusion — The Lightning Conductor is being fused with shadow by Nefarius, causing a Shadow Infusion. Shadow Infusion causes shadow damage to all nearby friends, inflicting damage based on the distance from the Shadow Infusion. Randomly cast on the target of Lightning Conductor, lasts 5 seconds. When removed, also removes Lightning Conductor and causes Shadow Conductor.
    • Ability warlock everlastingaffliction.png  Shadow Conductor — Inflicts Shadow damage to all nearby players every 2 sec. Damage is increased the greater the distance away from the Shadow Conductor.

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