Elemental Servitor

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AllianceElemental Servitor
Image of Elemental Servitor
Race Unbound water elemental (Elemental)
Level 16 - 17
Health 325 - 350
Mana 390
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Alliance
Former affiliation(s) Dalaran
Location Ambermill, Silverpine Forest

Elemental Servitors are creations summoned by the magi of Ambermill to guard the town while its residents shifted dimensions in order to avoid detection by the nearby Forsaken forces. According to Daschla, the servitors were "created with immunities that we cannot breach". They do not appear to be immune to any school of magic, though their attacks are frost-based.

A rare mob, Mob Aquarius the Unbound, can be found among their number. Unlike the other servitors and their Alliance-affiliated masters, he is hostile to both Alliance and Horde players. He does drop the quest item the normal servitors drop.


  • Ice Lance - Deals Frost damage to an enemy target. Causes triple damage against Frozen targets.


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