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Image of Eliza
Title <Bride of the Embalmer>
Gender Female
Race Undead (Undead)
Level 24 Rare
Health 1,563
Mana 1,545
Wealth 2s 5c
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Duskwood
Status Killable
Relative(s) Abercrombie (husband)
Eliza as she appeared before the model update in patch 6.0.2.

Eliza is a level 24 undead rare mob found in Duskwood. She wears a white dress and holds a Bouquet of Red Roses in her hand.


Her husband, the alchemist Abercrombie, used dark magic to place his own heart within the bosom of his dead spouse, reviving her as a ghoul. Abercrombie keeps her buried in a shallow grave behind his shack, near the northern bank of Duskwood on the edge of Raven Hill Cemetery. Lord Ello Ebonlocke wants the Embalmer's still-beating heart.


  • Eliza isss pretty....sssso pretty.... Cataclysm
  • Wait... You are not my husband. But he must have sent you. And you... look... delicious! (pre Cataclysm)


  • Inv summerfest firespirit.png  Lantern Blaze — Deals Fire damage to all enemies within the blaze. Lasts 6 sec.
  • Spell shadow darksummoning.png  Summon Eliza's Guard — Summons 1 of Eliza's Guards to aid her in battle for 20 sec.
  • Inv misc lantern 01.png  Throw Lantern — Hurls a lantern at an enemy, inflicting Fire damage and creating a burning blaze beneath the target's feet.

Patch changes

Previously a ghoul.

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