Ellia Ravenmane: Redemption

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NeutralEllia Ravenmane: Redemption
Ellia atop the Pedestal of Hope

90 (Requires 90)






24g 72s 2 Lesser Charm of Good Fortune




N [90 Daily] Thelonius


N [90 Daily] Champion of Chi-Ji


Defeat Ellia Ravenmane atop the Pedestal of Hope.


Ellia Ravenmane, your rival, has returned. She demands that you meet her atop the Pedestal of Hope.

You need to understand, <name>... something horrible has happened to her. She has changed. You will see for yourself when you arrive at the pedestal.

Good luck, <name>.

(Ellia Ravenmane: "Your rival returns.")


You will receive: 24g 72s 2 Lesser Charm of Good Fortune


Hurry, <name>.


The Cradle of Chi-Ji has long been a bastion of hope; a place free of despair. Ellia Ravenmane tried to plant the seeds of despair on our island... and you stopped her.

We owe you a debt of gratitude, <name>. You are welcome to return whenever you like.



Head southwest to the top of the Pedestal of Hope to find Ellia:

The path of the Red Crane is a path of failure. I have seen the truth!
All paths lead to despair! You have no hope! NONE OF YOU!!
Gossip Let's fight!
Ellia Ravenmane says: My hated rival... so glad you came.
Ellia Ravenmane says: Still clinging to the tailfeathers of Chi-Ji, and his idiotic notions of "hope"?
Ellia Ravenmane yells: I will show you the meaning of despair... and I will drag this whole island down with me!
Ellia reveals the sha possessing her!

Ellia is a level 90 pandaren with 2,363,000 health and the following abilities:

  • Sha Blast 40 yd range — Blasts the target for 27,907 to 29,408 Shadow damage. 1.5 sec cast. Hits for ~15,000 Shadow
  • Fists of Fury 10 yd range — Furiously punch target eneny, inflicting Physical damage every 1 sec for 4 sec. Channeled.
  • Sha Spike 30 yd range — Creates a geyser of flame at the target location. 1.5 sec cast. Summons a void zone on the ground that hits for ~13,000 Shadow after a few seconds
  • Fierce Jab Melee range — Jab target enemy, inflicting 120% weapon damage. Hits for ~12,000 Physical on cloth.
  • Vicious Kick — Kick target enemy, inflicting Physical damage. Instant. Hits for ~12,000 Physical.

Ellia is rooted in the center of the platform, so don't worry about kiting. Get out of the Sha Spike void zones, but otherwise there's nothing too special to deal with. Chi-Ji will fly up and join in at 50% health, pulling aggro with ~50,000 Physical melee swings and tanking for the rest of the fight.

Help finish her off:

Ellia Ravenmane says: N-no...
Ellia jumps off the platform to the east.
Chi-Ji says: Well fought, student. You've proven that you truly embody my way... the Way of the Crane.
Chi-Ji says: Hope can blossom anywhere... even in this dark corner of a forgotten jungle.
Chi-Ji says: All it needs is a hero like you to plant the seed.

Head back to Thelonius to turn in.

The final letter arrives from Chi-Ji:

Our Gratitude

Under the guise of Fat Long-Fat, I once asked you, "Why do you fight?" Some of us fight out of fear. Some fight for a sheer love of violence. Some in anger. In hatred. In doubt.

Ellia Ravenmane fought out of despair.

But you... I don't see any of this in you. Which is why I chose you to protect my people.

You will always hold a place of honor among the heroes of my order, <name>. You have our gratitude.

- Chi-Ji, the Red Crane


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