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Not to be confused with Elanaria.

Elunaria is the world where the titan Eonar's spirit took refuge on after she was felled by Sargeras' blade. Her essence resided within the Elarian Sanctuary, which would later be invaded by the Burning Legion during the Antorus raid.

The Elunaria subzone consists of the road from the portal to the Sanctuary, on a cliff-side. Daughters of Eonar roam the area while wasps and windroc-like birds fly overhead. A genesaur can also be seen. Storm drakes can be seen flying among the mountain peaks in the distance. Titan orbs are also there.



This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

This world might be named after Elune or Elune after the world. It might thus imply a connection between Eonar and the moon goddess. The Elarian Sanctuary is referred to as Eonar's own sanctuary by the dungeon journal,[1] herself[2][3] and Magni Bronzebeard.[3]

  • Eonar might have named the world after Elune.
  • The other way around, Elune might have offered refuge to Eonar on her world of Elunaria, where Eonar would later build her sanctuary.
  • Elune and Eonar might also be the same being, and Elunaria would thus be the world which Eonar came from.

The Tears of Elune, one of the five Pillars of Creation made by the titans, are named after Elune.


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