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Image of Embelar
Title <Food and Drink>
Gender Male
Race Blood elf (Humanoid)
Level 70 Elite
Health 5,700
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Halaa
Location Nagrand

Embelar is a level 70 fruit and drink vendor located in Halaa in the contested territory of Nagrand. He is only available when the Horde controls Halaa.

See List of Nagrand NPCs.


Bankergossipicon.pngItem Quantity Level Price Availability
 [Deep Fried Plantains] 5 55 4s Unlimited
 [Filtered Draenic Water] 5 70 56s Unlimited
 [Halaani Whiskey] 3 0 1g 6s Unlimited
 [Morning Glory Dew] 5 55 4s Unlimited
 [Purified Draenic Water] 5 75 64s Unlimited
 [Skethyl Berries] 5 65 56s Unlimited
 [Telaari Grapes] 5 75 8s Unlimited

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