Ember Clutch Ancient

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NeutralEmber Clutch Ancient
Image of Ember Clutch Ancient
Race Ancient of War (Elemental)
Level 75 Elite
Location Ember Clutch, Howling Fjord
Status Alive

Ember Clutch Ancients are level 75 ancient quest givers at Ember Clutch in Howling Fjord.


N [71] Root Causes AvailablequestActivequest


For years beyond counting these woods have burned. They are fueled by an ancient magic and are the mating grounds for the brood mother and her proto-drake consorts.
But now a long forgotten evil has reawakened and seeks once again to enslave the offspring of the brood mother for their own purposes.
These vrykul have caused a disturbance that is extending the boundary of the clutch, and threatens your people.

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