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The Embrace

The Embrace is an extraordinary celestial event when Azeroth's two moonsWhite Lady and Blue Child — are in an extremely rare conjunction,[1] happening approximately once every four hundred and thirty years. It is so named because it appears that the Mother is holding the Child.[2]

According to legend, the Dragon Aspects were first created during an occurrence of the Embrace.[2][3]

As the blue dragonflight debated how to appoint a new Aspect of Magic to replace Malygos, one popular theory espoused that this celestial event was important to that task. Some felt it was crucial to the proper working of the magic necessary to facilitate the alteration of a normal blue dragon into an Aspect. Others simply deemed it good timing. Arygos argued that the ability to become an Aspect may be in the blood.[3]

It turned out that neither bloodline nor intellect was important to the process. During the following Embrace, Arygos acted with brashness and arrogance, while Kalecgos simply beheld the beauty of the Embrace with the other dragons. The wonderment of the Embrace came from grace and rarity rather than the offering of dominance or power. Its light shown down on those gathered at the Nexus, causing them to glow with magic. As the radiance faded from them, it intensified around Kalecgos, bestowing him with the powers of an Aspect. In the same vein as the name of the celestial phenomenon, the ritual was about the heart of the blue dragonflight and what they felt.[2]



This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

Neither Dawn of the Aspects nor Chronicle Volume 1 mention the Embrace event. The legend may be a part of the cover in which the Dragon Aspects decided to hide the truth about Galakrond and the creation of the Aspects.[5] However, the fact that Kalec did indeed get his Aspect powers during the Embrace may mean there is some truth to it, even if the detail was not mentioned in Dawn of the Aspects or Chronicle.


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