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Emerald Drake (Oculus)

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For other versions, see Emerald Drake.
NeutralEmerald Drake
Image of Emerald Drake
Race Green drake (Dragonkin)
Level 80
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Green dragonflight
Location Oculus

Emerald Drake is one of three different drake players can ride in the Oculus. It is summoned through the  [Emerald Essence] that the player may receive from Verdisa after defeating Drakos the Interrogator.

This vehicle allows players to assume the role of a healer. As players progress through The Oculus the drake gains further abilities.

They also reappeared during the third invasion of the Burning Legion.


Vehicle This creature can be mounted.
Main article: Oculus#Flying combat
  • Inv misc bag 08.png  Parachute — A portable parachute, automatically activates when the caster begins falling.
  • Inv misc monsterscales 01.png  Soar — Spreads your drake's wings wide, increasing movement speed while flying by 100% and increasing health regeneration. This ability is only active out of combat.


  • Now that I am at my full power I can perform Dream Funnel. You can use it to heal other drakes, but it drains my health, so make sure you're using Leeching Poison too!
  • Use Leeching Poison to damage enemies and keep me healed. Touch the Nightmare is very powerful, but it hurts me, so only use it when I have a lot of health!
  • Welcome Friend. Keep your head down and hold on tight!

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