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110 (Requires 110)





Imbue the inert waters with the ritual bundle, then witness the well's creation.


You have done very well, <race>.

All that is left is to combine their blessings into the ritual bundle and imbue the Moonwell. Once that is done, Mayruna will add a little water from a purified Moonwell and this land will be protected so long as we inhabit it.

This is a momentous occasion, my friend. You bear witness to a sacred rite not often performed in the company of strangers.

I will let you do the honors- simply place the ritual bundle into the sacred waters and we will do the rest.


You will receive: 38g 80s
Inv alchemy crystalvial.png [Enchanted Moonwell Waters]


You witness history, <race>.


Your assistance made this all possible. Thank you.



Upon completing the ritual:

Mayruna, Mythandros, Solendra and Mardranel step up to the well and channel their powers. A large flash of druidic magic flares in the well, along with a large moonbeam that encompasses it. The Val'sharah Refugees celebrate as Starflutter happily flies up circles briefly above it.
Mayruna Moonwing says: It is done!
Mythandros Irongrove says: This moonwell will nourish and protect everything around it. We can finally call this place home.
Solendra and Mardranel bow as they speak in turn.
Solendra Featherdown says: Thank you!
Mardranel Forestheart says: Thank you.

If you go check on the underground chamber back in Shal'Aran, several Val'sharah Refugees have moved in, growing new plant life and making the area a druid's haven.


  1. N [110] Feline Frantic
  2. Complete all of:
    • Yowlon quest chain
    1. N [110] Homeward Bounding
    2. N [110] You've Got to Be Kitten Me Right Meow
    • Kalendros Irongrove quest chain
    1. N [110] Missing Along the Way
    2. N [110] Not Here, Not Now, Not Ever
    3. N [110] The Only Choice We Can Make
  3. N [110] Redhoof the Ancient
  4. N [110] Fertilizing the Future & N [110] Prongs and Fangs
  5. N [110] The Final Blessing
  6. N [110] Natural Adversaries & N [110] Managazer & N [110] Moonwhisper Rescue
  7. N [110] Return to Irongrove Retreat
  8. N [110] Eminent Grow-main

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