Emperor Ku

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NeutralMad Emperor Ku
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Gender Male
Race Pandaren
Affiliation(s) Pandaren Empire
Occupation Emperor of Pandaria
Status Deceased
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Emperor Ku once ruled over Pandaria as the Emperor of the Pandaren Empire.[1]


According to Lorewalker Shuchun, Emperor Ku was ruled by his fears. He believed that the mogu would return. Through the haze of his paranoia, he saw treachery behind every smile, a scheme behind every vow of devotion, and cunning traps in the calm prophecies of the jinyu waterspeakers. Later, he had a maze built beneath his palace, with a safe room at the center. The next time his fear gripped him, Ku fled for it, shut the door, and waited for the terror to subside. It never did. The maze had been so cleverly constructed that the emperor had forgotten the way out.

Search parties sometimes heard him calling, but years passed. Occasionally, an explorer went into the maze and ran out screaming, wild with terror, for Ku's time in the dark had twisted him into something appalling to behold. Soon, a cub named Li Tao chased his bandicoon kit into the maze. He soon realized he was being followed. Even though he was too frightened to look, little Li Tao still understood that here was someone even more frightened than he was. So he reached back and led the poor emperor out of the maze.