Emperor Vek'lor

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BossEmperor Vek'lor
Image of Emperor Vek'lor
Gender Male
Race Qiraji emperor (Humanoid)
Level ?? Boss
Health 1,732,250
Mana 471,600
Wealth 80g 15s 55c
Affiliation(s) C'Thun, Old Gods
Location Temple of Ahn'Qiraj
Status Killable
Relative(s) Emperor Vek'nilash (brother)
Main article: Twin Emperors

Emperor Vek'lor is one of the two Twin Emperors.


As seen in-game.

Little is known about the Twin Emperors, except the fact that they created two powerful entities to serve as commanders of their armies.

In preparation for its reemergence in the world, the shadowy master of Ahn'Qiraj commanded Emperor Vek'lor to create a new obsidian statue superior to all other destroyers. Vek'lor sought his twin brother's aid in the task, and while Vek'nilash used his physical might to craft a grand body of volcanic rock, Vek'lor fortified the shell with powerful magic. Emperor Vek'lor named the finished construct Moam, they intended to use it as a colossal weapon, knowing that its strengths would help it survive in the thick of melee as well as magical combat. They observed as their dark master infused it with life. He was pleased and surprised to find that the improved obsidian destroyer was far more versatile than its earlier counterparts.



  • Prepare to embrace oblivion!
  • To decorate our halls.

Killing player:

  • It's too late to turn away.
  • Like a fly in a web.
  • Your brash arrogance...


You will not escape death!


My brother...NO!


  • Vek'lor appears as a legendary card in the Whispers of the Old Gods expansion for Hearthstone. If C'Thun's legendary card has been buffed a sufficient amount of times that game, Vek'lor will also summon his twin, Vek'nilash. Vek'lor's flavor text reads: "Do they make decisions based on age? "I'm two minutes older therefore we burn this village.""

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