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For other uses, see Battlemaster (disambiguation).

Permanently enchant a Melee Weapon to occasionally heal nearby party members of 76 to 126 health when an enemy is struck.


Inv elemental primal water.png 2x [Primal Water] Inv enchant shardprismaticlarge.png 8x [Large Prismatic Shard]
Inv enchant voidcrystal.png 8x [Void Crystal]


 [Formula: Enchant Weapon - Battlemaster] is a world drop from Outland monsters level 64 and up.


  • Is a World Drop from high level mobs (66-70).
  • There has been much debate on this enchant on how it is best used. Some melee DPS players have tried as well as tanks.
  • The proc will heal everyone in the "party", which would mean only the 5 people/pets in your group, (not whole raid) and only those within 30 yards. The general belief is that the healing proc generates threat as a healing spell like any other heal, but threat meters do not conclusively confirm it. Consensus has not been reached on battlemaster's threat generation. If it does cause threat, for endgame it is negligible even if the entire party is healed. (A good proc heal is equivalent threat to an average attack or heal at level 70 in poor gear.) However, a Paladin tank using this weapon, in combination with Judgement of Light, may be able to hold threat through passive healing of himself and any melee DPS, by reducing a healers need to cast larger healing spells, thus lowering the healer's overall threat generation.
  • Proc rate is 1 PPM melee only. Unlike most other enchants, battlemaster does not proc more often from ability use or mainhand use. Nothing a player does or equips seems to increase the PPM.* It either cannot proc from instant attacks (ie procs from autoattack only), or can only proc on white damage attacks. This makes the enchant better suited for an offhand weapon if dual wielding.
* Choices a player makes can decrease the PPM however.
  • It can crit heal. Spelldamage gear seems to benefit the heal slightly. Unlike most heals, this is not holy, but classed as an arcane effect.
  • Stacking Bonus Healing Does not affect this heal. Tested As of Sept. 28, 2008
  • After enchanting [The Sun Eater] (1.6 speed) with Battlemaster and farming primals from Voidspawns in Nagrand, Elementals in Nagrand, and also various other high level mobs: Other than the Voidspawns, all mobs were level 70-72. According to ProcMeter, Battlemaster procced approx 1.5% out of 4342 attacks with a 3.92% miss rate (I know I need more +hit!). Assuming a tank has ~0.0% miss, Battlemaster should proc around 1.5-1.75% of the time with a 3.5 speed weapon.
    • With further testing Battlemaster proc'd 1.80% with a 1.64% miss rate (2261 total attacks).

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