Sunfire (enchant)

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For other uses, see Sunfire (disambiguation).

Permanently enchant a melee weapon to add up to 50 fire and arcane spell power.


Inv enchant essencearcanelarge.png 8x [Greater Planar Essence] Inv elemental primal fire.png 6x [Primal Fire]
Spell nature lightningoverload.png 1x [Primal Might] Inv enchant shardprismaticlarge.png 10x [Large Prismatic Shard]
Inv enchant voidcrystal.png 12x [Void Crystal]


 [Formula: Enchant Weapon - Sunfire] drops from Shade of Aran in Karazhan.


This enchant brings with it a strong, yellow glow.

As of Patch 2.2 the Void Crystals required have doubled (formerly only six were required), although it now requires 4 less Primal Fires and 1 less Primal Might than before.

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