Encrusted Tail Fins

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NeutralEncrusted Tail Fins
Start IconSmall Gnome Male.gifNeutral Wizzle Brassbolts
End IconSmall Gnome Male.gifNeutral Wizzle Brassbolts
Level 35 (Requires 28)
Category Thousand Needles
Experience 350-3450 XP

Encrusted Tail Fins is a neutral quest in which players are sent to the Vile Reef in Stranglethorn Vale to collect murloc fins, which Wizzle Brassbolts from the Mirage Raceway in Thousand Needles hopes to use to protect his racecar.

How to Get This Quest

At the Mirage Raceway in the Shimmering Flats in Thousand Needles, talk to Wizzle Brassbolts the gnome.

Other Quests in this Area

The Vile Reef, where this quest takes place, is the location of several quests. It is a good idea to do all of these quests at once.


Bring 10 Encrusted Tail Fins to Wizzle Brassbolts in the Shimmering Flats.



The murlocs are located off the west coast of northern Stranglethorn Vale, almost directly west of Grom'gol Base Camp. The Saltscale murlocs drop the fins, and are located deep underwater. An underwater breathing potion (craftable by players with the alchemy profession or found in the Auction House) could be very useful for this and other Vile Reef quests.

Murlocs that drop the [Encrusted Tail Fins]:

Once you have 10 [Encrusted Tail Fins], return to Wizzle Brassbolts at the Mirage Raceway to turn in the quest.


Our rocket car is the fastest thing on the flats! So fast that ... I'm afraid friction is going to tear it apart!
To prevent that I need to create a composite to coat the car's moving parts. It must be hard but not brittle, and must be resistant to salt corrosion, or time spent on the Shimmering Flats will eat it away.
Have you heard of the Vile Reef, <name>? It's off the coast of Stranglethorn Vale. Saltscale murlocs live there, and their tail fins are a crucial ingredient of my composite.


You will receive:

  • 75s


Do you have the tail fins? If I can't protect our car from its own speed, then it won't last long in these races.


Thank you, <name>! After I grind these down and fuse them with a few other ingredients, the composite will be ready. And after that, the car will be safe from its own speed.
Safe, as long as it doesn't hit anything...

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