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Ending the New Beginning

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AllianceEnding the New Beginning

100 - 110 (Requires 98)




+250 Valarjar


A [100 - 110] Becoming the Ascendant

For the Horde version of this quest, see H [100 - 110] A New Life for Undeath.


Confront Sylvanas in the Vault of Eyir.


The Banshee Queen is here! I'd recognize those tainted arrows anywhere.

This is the moment we have been fighting for. Sylvanas will answer for her crimes against Varian Wrynn and the Alliance!

To arms!


The four Greywatch Guards stand at the ready. Genn charges forth from his kneel, the guards at his side as they enter the Vault of Eyir.
Genn Greymane yells: Storm the vault! For Gilneas!


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Ability theblackarrow.png [Sylvanas' Broken Arrow] Inv misc trinket6oih horn2.png [Bane of the Darklady]
Ability warrior bloodbath.png [Tenacity of Cursed Blood] Inv helm cloth legionquest100 b 01.png [Stylish Gilnean Collar]
Inv helm leather legionquest100 b 01.png [Raging Worgen Hood] Inv helm mail legionquest100 b 01.png [Wall Watcher's Coif]
Inv helm plate legionquest100 b 01.png [Refined Rage Headcage]
You will also receive: 19g 40s
Inv ammo arrow 06.png [Onyx Arrowhead]


You're awake! We nearly lost you there...

It's a good thing we managed to get you and Greymane out of there in time, otherwise we wouldn't have been able to reverse Sylvanas's poison. It's a shame she got away, but her plans in Skold-Ashil failed and we have you to thank for it.

I'm sure Greymane will order a commendation for you once he is fully recovered. You did a great thing here, <name>.

Gilneas is in your debt.



Upon entering the vault, a cinematic plays.

Inside the Vault of Eyir, Sylvanas is compelling Eyir, a giant val'kyr, to kneel before her using Helya's lantern, which is raised in her right hand. Light blue rings of swirling spirit energy encircle the val'kyr; though they don't touch her, she might as well be bound in chains. Eyir cries out in pain each time the Warchief invokes the lantern's power, with more energy sent out to join the rings.
Eyir: Treacherous Banshee! You know not what you are meddling with!
Sylvanas Windrunner: Submit. The Val'kyr ... are mine.
A howling growl is heard in the distance. Sylvanas turns away from Eyir to the apparent source of the noise, focusing on the entrance. A deep voice with a hint of a rumble speaks softly as it echoes off the walls, almost whispering, from the darkness.
Genn Greymane (unseen): SYLVANAS!!! Your quest for immortality... has left you vulnerable.
Sylvanas hangs the lantern on her belt, nocks an arrow and pulls it to full draw.
Genn Greymane (still unseen): I will have... my... VENGEANCE[!]
Genn, his shadowed worgen form barely distinguishable from the darkness except for his glowing eyes, suddenly leaps at Sylvanas from the wall above. She darts away from the landing. She ducks, backs away and dodges away from his swinging claws.
Genn Greymane: For Varian! For Gilneas[!] FOR MY SON!
Genn knocks Sylvanas off her feet, making her drop her bow, and she tumbles to the other side of the platform. Sylvanas stands up, wipes her mouth on her gauntlet, picks up her bow and draws another arrow as the growling Genn from the other side gets ready to charge.
He rushes at her and readies his left hand to strike. Just as he reaches her, the downward motion of his swing lowers his shoulder; she sidesteps and plants her hand onto the left shoulder, using it to somersault into the air. With Genn unbalanced by the sudden weight, he turns around in time for her, upside down, to shoot a magical arrow into the upper right side of his chest. The magic detonates on impact: Genn is blown off the platform and hits the floor below, shifting back to human form. Sylvanas walks over to look down at him.
Sylvanas Windrunner: It seems I overestimated you[,] old wolf.
Glaring at her even as the site of his arrow wound is black with poison, Genn pushes his upper half from the floor, to reveal the lantern housing clutched in his right hand. His left-handed strike at her when he charged was a feint to snatch it from her waist. Her teeth clenched in anger, Sylvanas tries to nock another arrow before he can do anything to it. His growling pitched to that of a lion as he raises it in slow motion, Genn smashes the lantern on the ground with a shout at normal speed. A flash of light from the housing accompanies Eyir's restraints exploding with a flash of their own; the shockwave knocks the arrow from Sylvanas' hand as she's thrown off balance. Sylvanas turns and watches in astonishment as Eyir straightens with a rumble of stone. Genn grimly limps away to the exit, breaking short the arrow shaft.
Genn Greymane: You took my son's future.
Eyir flies up and disappears in a flash of golden light, leaving Sylvanas alone in the vault. Genn's voice slightly echos across the entrance hall.
Genn Greymane (off screen): And now: I've taken yours.
Staring upwards at Eyir's lingering light as it fades, the leather of Sylvanas' glove creaks as she angrily tightens the grip on her bow.
The player awakes by the corner bunk bed of Greywatch Barracks. Lorna is by a cot with Genn laying on it, being tended to by Nurse Dolores.



  1. A [100 - 110] To Catch a Banshee
  2. Complete all of:
  3. A [100 - 110] To Skold-Ashil
  4. A [100 - 110] Shielded Secrets
  5. A [100 - 110] Becoming the Ascendant
  6. A [100 - 110] Ending the New Beginning

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